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Standard PTO Kit by Tractor Protection Products

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The Standard PTO Kit by Tractor Protection Products is an innovative solution designed to keep your PTO and implement splines clean, protected, and ready for use. This kit comprises two standalone products: the PTO Grease Plug and the Tractor PTO Cover, engineered to seamlessly complement each other.

The Tractor PTO Cover slides over your standard PTO spline, providing protection when no implement is attached.

The PTO Grease Plug slides into your PTO-powered implement shaft, offering lubciraction and protection for the implement.

When not in use, the PTO Grease Plug inserts into the Tractor PTO Cover, forming a secure connection that safeguards a clean grease supply from contaminants such as dirt and debris. The PTO Grease Plug is also a container of clean grease with a spreader built-in to the cap to apply grease to both the tractor PTO shaft and the female yoke of the implement. With both components locked together, conveniently store the kit in your tractor cab or work shop, free from worries of grease spreading where it shouldn't. This product takes a lot of the mess out of PTO maintenance.

Recognized as one of the top-10 new products at the 2024 World Ag Expo, the Standard PTO Kit offers a hassle-free solution to enhance efficiency and cleanliness in your tractor operations.

This kit fits all standard PTOs that are not continuously-running.

30-day money-back guarantee (return for any reason or no reason) and a 12-month manufacturer warranty.