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Greenwell Manufacturing

Pat's Easy Change System

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Pat's Easy Change System is The Affordable Quick Hitch That Will Save You Time and Make Changing Implements Easier!

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Will this work on my tractor?

Pat's Easy Change System works on almost any tractor with a Category 1 or 2 3-point hitch (please order the system type for your hitch category).

You will need approximately 2" of straight arm on your lift arm after the link end.

About Pat's Easy Change System

Pat's Easy Change System transforms your 3-point hitch lift arms into a hook system, which automatically locks an implement in place---No other quick hitch gives you this much flexibility for easy changing of all of your implements .

As a compact tractor owner, you know how aggravating and painstaking the task of changing your 3-point hitch attachments can be. Several major manufacturers have added adjustable link ends to their option list to make this process easier. But lining up the link ends with your attachment is just one issue---usually you can get pretty close by backing up to an implement. Then you have to get off the tractor, pin both lift arms, and attach the top link. This is where Pat's Easy Change System comes into the picture.

Developed by Pat Greenwell, this easy change system is unique in that it consists of just two easy-to-install parts, and costs just a fraction of what other hitch systems cost. Additionally, it does not require quick hitch receivers to be installed on all of your implements.

How it Works With Your Tractor
Pat's Easy Change System installs in just minutes. The easy change link ends fit over the ends of your lift arms and instantly transform your standard 3-point hitch lift arms into a quick hitch. Pat's Easy Change System is attached with a pin through the ball and a u-bolt for stability.

With the lift arms down and the Pat's Easy Change System hooks open, you back into the implement and raise the lift arms to hook the pins on the implement. All you have to do then is close the latch, attach the top link, and attach your PTO shaft if needed. Most implement changes take less than a minute!

Highest Quality Construction
Pat's Easy Change System is cast iron, and each individual unit undergoes a rigorous quality control check before leaving the factory. You can rest assured that Pat's Easy Change System is a high-quality item that won't fall apart---thousands of users currently have Pat's Easy Change System installed, and no quality issues have been reported to date.

Works with Category 1 or 2 3-Point Hitches

Regardless of the make, model, age, or size of your compact tractor, Pat's Easy Change System will work with your tractor---so long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Fits lift arms 2-3 1/4" tall.
  • Requires approximately 2" of straight arm.

Almost all compact tractors from Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, Kioti, Case-IH, Cub Cadet, Massey Ferguson, Century, Yanmar and other brands.

Which Category Do I Need?
Category 1 hitches usually go up to around 50 horsepower tractors, and then you start to see category 2 hitches. The difference is in the size of the pin, with category 1 hitches using a 7/8" pin, and category 2 hitches using a 1 1/8" pin.

If you don't know which category hitch you have, check your tractor owner's manual, or post a message in our discussion forums, and ask for advice.

Will The Top Link or PTO Shaft Need to Be Replaced?
Since Pat's Easy Change system will result in implements being attached 3-4" further away from the tractor than with a standard 3-point hitch, if your 3-point hitch top link or your implement's PTO shaft only has a few inches of extra length, you may need to replace those items with longer ones. Manually adjustable 3-point hitch top links can be obtained inexpensively from a variety of sources, both online and offline.